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About Us

Partners for Children is a CAPC [Community Action Program for Children].  In 1994 there were 110 CAPC programs created across Canada, all which were and are funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  The Partners for Children program is sponsored by the Network for Healthy Early Human Development Yukon and operates from an office at 108c Copper Road in Whitehorse.

By increasing an understanding of how to provide healthy development opportunities to parents, public and professionals, our goal is to improve the health and development of our youngest children.


Since our 1994 inception we have created authentic relationships with people and organizations that have enabled us to create programs that are requested.  Workshops, presentations, family programming, partner-led newsletters and a resource guide are examples of our programs that make a difference and improve the lives of our families and communities.

Our Team

Family Programs Trainer/Facilitator
Jo Lukawitski
Family Resource Centre Coordinator
Marianne Goebel
Katie Swales &
Rebecca Fenton

Jo works in partnership with other local programs to facilitate our Family Programs, which include Parent-Child Mother Goose, Mothering Your Baby - the 1st Year, the Nobody's Perfect Parenting Program, Handle with Care, and Infant Massage.  She also trains and supports teachers and facilitators in several of these programs.

The Family Resource Centre Coordinator coordinates and delivers the services and programs offered in the Centre, including drop-in programming, parenting and caregiver support, referral to other services, and the resource lending library.

The voice of community is moved to action, coordinated in the name of Partners for Children by passionate early child development professionals. 

Romp n'Run - Haines Junction Coordinator
Laura Gorecki 
Board of Directors:

Executive: Tanja Westland (President), Tara Wheeler (Vice-President), Ashley Reynolds (Secretary), Lisa Snyder (Treasurer)

Directors: Jessica DyckLaurie Parker, Stephanie Davidson

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that real, hard-wired change comes from the grass-roots; the voiced needs of the people driving what we do. Programs we offer and develop are community driven and discovered through person to person conversations, which is why our relationships with individuals, organizations and governments are so important.  

Our Programming

Click on the tabs above to check out what we offer parents/caregivers, child care practitioners, child care directors and other professionals working with young children and their families.  

Also check out the Partners for Children facebook page.

Our Mission

To make learning and training opportunities for healthy early child development accessible to all Yukoners. We aim to improve outcomes so that all children can succeed in life.

Partners for Children would not be possible without the support of our funders and our program partners.

Our Funders

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Our Program Partners

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